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Pharrell Williams newly launched Black Ambition initiative has teamed up with Chanel to give Black and Latinx entrepreneurs new access and opportunity. They ve unveiled a two-part program aimed at shining a light on emerging talent from HBCU (historically Black colleges ad universities).
 Chanel s support of Black Ambition is a cornerstone of Black Ambition s mission and is vital to the success of the next generation of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs, said Williams,  to honor their commitment to investing in human potential and advancing greater representation in culture and society, Chanel has put together an amazing panel of women to talk about leadership through a woman s lens. 
The first part of the initiative brings together an incredible group of experts for a panel discussion providing Black Ambition prize contenders with career guidance. In a conversation entitled Women Who Lead, Tracee Ellis Ross, Edith Cooper, Emma Grede, and Natalie Massenet gathered to discuss leadership, determination, drive, resilience, and community.

The second pillar of the program focuses on a  comprehensive mentorship program,  which Williams says is one of the biggest challenges for winners of prizes like this one.  You may have a great business idea he told Vanity Fair but that doesn t mean you know how to run a business.  The workshops will give the finalists unprecedented access to Chanel s leadership community. They ll also have access to the brand s network of experts, who will provide them with the essentials of brand-building skills for today s business landscape.

That s not the only moves he s making to level the playing field. Williams has also announced that he will be opening a private school for children from low-income households in his home state of Virginia.
 If the system is fixed and unfair, then it needs to be broken,  Williams said in a press release of the project, which will see winners chosen by lottery and is open to third, fourth, and fifth graders as The Virginia Pilot reports.

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AirPods aren't the flex they used to be, instead, if you want to showcase your hardware you'll have to get with the accessories agenda. And if extra is your thing, you won't find a better match than Chanel's new AirPod case.

On the face, it looks like any luxurious Chanel chain, featuring pearls, lambskin, gold, and the signature double C's. But that's the point. With this piece, Chanel goes literal with the "jewelry for your AirPods" concept.

The pearl necklace is offset with a chain and interlaced with leather, evoking the Maison's iconic handbags. The centerpiece, a large pendant carrying a bedazzled Chanel logo on its front, is actually a locket that houses the AirPods. Flip open the sleek case and you've got what we assume is a chargeable case for your Apple companions.

The necklace even comes in an AirPods and AirPods Pro version ? which are black and white respectively. Priced at $2,675, this is your way to rock a classic-looking piece of Chanel jewelry while also looking like an absolute douchebag when you retrieve your AirPods.

If you're willing to make that commitment, head over to Chanel.com to cop this absolutely ostentatious AirPods case.
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Chanel is limiting South Korean shoppers to buying 1 bag a year amid a flourishing market of resellers moving luxury goods at marked-up prices

Chanel is limiting its South Korean customers to "one bag, per person, per year" on certain products.

The purchase limits apply to two popular lines of handbags and the brand's small leather goods.

Korean media outlets reported that the purchase limit was likely put in place to stop resellers from snapping bags up in mass hauls.

South Korean shoppers angling to collect multiple Chanel bags this year might be disappointed, after the luxury brand adopted a new policy of "one bag, per customer, per year."

According to an exclusive report by South Korean daily newspaper Hankook Ilbo, shoppers at Chanel only be permitted to buy one Timeless Classic flap bag, and one Coco Handle handbag every year.

The news outlet spoke to a Chanel Korea spokesperson, who said the new shopping limits were put in place from October 10, and also apply to small leather goods like wallets and pouches.

It is unclear if this purchase-limit policy is limited to Chanel's South Korean stores, or if other outlets worldwide will follow suit. Chanel Korea did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
While a reason for these new purchase limits being implemented was not provided, The Korea Times reported that this could be due to a glut of resellers flooding the South Korean market. These resellers obtain Chanel goods through "open runs," a system where people form snaking lines outside Chanel stores in the wee hours of the morning, then dash in once the store opens to snap up choice pieces.

These bags and leather goods are then re-sold with a mark-up of $300 to $400, though shoppers are willing to pay resellers for the convenience of not having to go on "open runs" themselves, reported the Korea Times.

The "open runs" get so intense, reported the Korea Economic Daily, that resellers have started queueing in front of department stores like the Shinsegae mega-store in the Myeong-dong shopping district with camping chairs. There, they wait for the gates to open only to sprint through six or seven malls in the district to do a clean sweep of coveted luxury goods. Some people standing in line told the Korea Economic Daily that going on these "open runs" was a lucrative side hustle that could net them $90 to $270 per piece if they manage to snag a bag their clients want.
South Korea's booming luxury goods market was worth 15 trillion South Korean won ($12.5 billion) in 2020. The Korea Economic Daily separately reported in September that millennials - particularly men in their 20s and 30s - were especially willing to splurge on branded goods, and accounted for around a third of the country's luxury and retail goods market.
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A History of the Handbag From a Practical Necessity to Creative Canvas

Once upon a time, the handbag was a gender neutral necessity, not an accessory. In medieval Europe, pouches made of cloth and leather hung from a girdle belt tied at the waist like charms in a bracelet. Their Indian relative, the potli bags, even find mention in Vedic texts, as they were used to carry herbs for Ayurveda treatments. 

Then, around the 16th century, womens skirts expanded to puffy, immense proportions, and the purse kept getting lost in spools of fabric. The answer was to hang the purses under skirts an early version of pockets.  But in the Renaissance period, when the dresses grew slender, it became a faux pas to have undulating lines of  pockets  peeping from within. 

Thus, the earliest predecessor of the modern handbag the  reticule  was born. People satirically referred to it as a  ridicule  to mock its small size, but for women, it was an  indispensable  novelty that allowed them to display their personality, idea, status.  These early handbags were also daring The idea of a woman parading her personal belongings in a visible pocket was an act akin to lifting her skirts and publicly revealing her underwear,  as writer Caroline Cox notes in Bags: An Illustrated History. 

In some ways, thus, the handbag defied the idea of a  modest  woman. Psychologist Sigmund Freud argued that since purses were  sexually suggestive,  women who carried them were more cavalier with their sexuality. 
Womens fashion finally embraced handbags around the 20th century, as they came to symbolize the ultimate  ultra feminine  accessory. On the other hand, mens fashion moved towards pockets; the pocket as a site of utility aligned with masculinity. 

Western concerns of being  vulgar  and  daring  were quickly dissipated once the handbags began to look  good ; their style, material, prices, and brands made them desirable.
Manufacturers also quickly realized that they could make much more money by denying women pockets.  Valued at 8 billion dollars, the purse industry isnt about to give women pockets and lose their highly profitable handbag business!  writer Laura Moffat commented.
But while the past of the handbag tells a tale of sexism, the present tells one of resistance.

 From chatelaine to reticule to designer bag, the handbag has always offered both freedom and yoke,  writer Julie Schulte summarizes the legacy.  It encapsulates a fact about its owner and reveals that fact as much as, or more than, it conceals her belongings.  The handbag thus emerged synonymous with a survival kit. More importantly, it became an essential facet of womens identity. 

Perhaps its why author David Dalton while describing icon Janis Joplin in 1972 in a biography, made space to describe the handbag and its 30 habitants. It was, as Dalton called,  awesome.  
The handbag was a way to define and communicate identities to the world. Think Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin, or Diana, Princess of Wales, to realize how intricately handbags personify identity. Or the fact that Queen Elizabeth never steps out without her signature Launer handbag (she owns 200 of them). The desirability of the bags aside, they serve a royal purpose in sending secret signals to her staff.

Anything that attaches itself to identity also becomes a vehicle to freedom. Around the First World War, the handbag symbolized increased emancipation for women.  Women had their own cash and bank accounts and keys to their own property and cars and they wanted the world to know it. What better reason to flaunt the fashionable clutch of the 1920s rather than having to burrow for necessities in hidden pockets beneath voluminous skirts?  noted writer Alexandra Shulman. Women carried their own money and possessions in these newly colonized sites, not relying on their husbands. As women became increasingly employed, their handbags responded to their growing mobility and practical needs. 

The classic handbag, the clutch, the satchel, shoulder bag, briefcases all responded to a desire and self sufficiency.  These changes in the bag itself also marked a change in the idea of a womans handbag it became something entirely her own,  Anna Johnson wrote in Handbags: The Power of the Purse. 
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Kristen Bell Has Been Carrying This Luxe Bag for Years and We re Finally Making the Investment

When it comes to investment pieces, you have to be super strategic. If you re dropping hundreds of dollars on an accessory, it better be high quality, versatile, and durable. And unlike designer shoes, which inevitably experience wear and tear, or sunglasses, which are easily scratched or lost, luxe handbags stand the test of time. BIPOC owned brand Senreve is quickly earning a reputation as one of the most reliable luxury handbag brands out there, thanks to the stars toting them around Hollywood on repeat.

We re not just talking about one A lister carrying a Senreve purse several times over the span of a few months  no, celebs like Anna Kendrick, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Selma Blair, and Jessica Alba have been spotted with the bags in hand for years, proving that they aren t just a flash in the pan fad. Kristen Bell, one of Senreve s most loyal famous fans, often steps out wearing the Aria Belt Bag, like she did just today. The Good Place star shared an elevator mirror pic to Instagram with the purse strapped around her waist (while wearing a stunning green leather suit, BTW.)
Buy It! Senreve Aria Belt Bag in Noir Vegan Leather, $495, senreve.com

Bell is sporting the Aria Belt Bag in the noir shade of vegan leather, which is scratch, stain, and water resistant. With a removable leather strap, this versatile purse can be worn as a crossbody, clutch, sling bag, or belt bag (aka, an upgraded fanny pack.) The popular Senreve handbag comes in a wide variety of colors in six different leather finishes, ranging from embossed to pebbled, all handcrafted in Italy. 

Unlike traditional fanny packs, the Aria Belt Bag can fit everything you need on the daily: your cell phone (up to an iPhone 8 Plus), wallet, chapstick, headphones, hand sanitizer, a face mask, and more. Plus, an exterior slip pocket under the front flap provides easy access to essentials, like your ID or metro card. Easily elevate the handbag by swapping the leather strap with Senreve s beveled chain or statement shoulder strap.

RELATED: There s Now an Adorable Mini Version of That Luxury Handbag So Many Celebrities Own
We re not going to lie: Senreve handbags do cost a pretty penny, but with luxurious materials, smart design, and high quality craftsmanship, they re worth the investment. Plus, this weekend only, Senreve is offering a free gift with any purchase over $300  which is an expected price point for most of the brand s pieces, anyway. Snag a stylish face mask ($65) when you spend over $300, a star charm ($85) for any purchase over $500, and a carte folio (aka, a mini wallet that costs $175) when you spend $700. 
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Five indispensable bag colours for the next winter

When we talk about designer handbags, we are almost forced to make at least one crucial distinction. A work bag, or a businesswoman purse, are often sober, minimal, almost austere, in particular in terms of chromaticity. Most of the times, this low key attitude is induced by the workplaces, that imposes repeatedly and often a specific dress code, or at least a series of general rules to comply with.

On the other hand, when it comes to leisure time bags, the music changes: purses for women are often the favorite accessory that women like to use to express their personalities, even more than their outfits.

This is a cue that has been perfectly taken by some haute couture brands, such as Valentino Garavani, Gucci or Dior: for many years now, they re placing on the market, collection by collection, a series of women s designer bags and purses whose common denominator is  eclecticism . The aim seems to be: every woman has the right to pick the item that best represents not only her personality, but someway her uniqueness. And such a lofty goal needs an extremely wide range of choice, both in terms of models and colors.
This is clearly visible if we take a look at the newest autumn/winter collections: all the top brands provided a large number of new items, and all of them are characterised by an extensive use of colors. Some may say  and they may probably be partly right  that all this chromatic opulence is a sort of reaction to the  grey  and gloomy era that we are still going through. Useless to deny it: the pandemic has changed our perception of life, like if everything had become darker. But now that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, many of us are craving again for brightness and colorfulness. The recent collections gave us the opportunity to detect and evaluate the most recurring  and probably most wanted  bag colors of the next months. They re mentioned below.


It may seem pretentious, maybe an excess of vanity in an era that seems to have banished any conceit, but gold is definitely the sovereign color of late 2021/early 2022. No other hue could represent better that hunger for brightness that we mentioned before. So, let s get ready to see our streets crowded with golden women s bags.


So close to purple (the  outcast  color par excellence), and yet so far from it, mauve means elegance and extravaganza at the same time. Only a few brave women dare to wear it, but those who do that will never go unnoticed.

Teak Brown

One of the most recent and innovative shades of brown, baptised by Valentino Garavani in his latest collections. Teak is a wood that stands out for its hardness and the relatively dark nuance of its natural color: it s also one of the most expensive woods to handcraft. Therefore, it is a symbol of steadiness and luxury at the same time.

Optic White
A  dirty white  with shades of light blue. A glacial beauty that reveals a nonconformist and non aligned soul.

Emerald green

An autumn/winter collections  timeless classic, with its mixture of finesse and ostentation. It has both detractors and admirers, but the latter are particularly fierce and faithful, and would never trade it for any other hue. The main contraindication is that is hard to match with a  classical  outfit, but even this is a badge of honor for those who love it.
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Stella McCartney is welcoming a new era of fashion with the runway debut of the Frayme Mylo bag, the first commercially available product made from Bolt Threads  innovative vegan mushroom leather. 
The world s first vegan mushroom leather handbag just made its runway debut as part of Stella McCartney s Summer 2022 collection presentation during Paris Fashion Week. The Frayme Mylo bag is made from Mylo, a vegan leather crafted by startup Bolt Threads from fast growing mycelium (mushroom root systems). Inspired by McCartney s iconic Falabella bag, the Frayme Mylo features the sustainable vegan mushroom leather which is wrapped with an oversized recyclable aluminium chain strap and embellished with a zamac statement medallion. 
McCartney previously showcased Mylo in a concept duo of trousers and a bustier that she created at her atelier in London, which were made with recycled scuba nylon and panels of the vegan mushroom leather. While those garments were not for sale, McCartney developed her summer 2022 collection to showcase the versatility and beauty of mushrooms, which McCartney believes is the future of fashion.

 For my Summer 2022 collection, I was so inspired by fungi and their incredible potential for saving our planet and the Frayme Mylo embodies that hope for the future,  McCartney said in a statement.  Our long time partners at Bolt Threads and I have a shared passion for material innovation and launching a luxury handbag made from Mylo mycelium leather is a landmark moment not only for us, but the world. What you see on the runway today is the conscious fashion industry of tomorrow.  
It takes 1,700 liters (approximately 4,500 gallons) of water to make one kilogram (approximately 2.2 pounds) of animal leather. Mylo is environmentally superior to animal derived leather in a variety of areas, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lowered water and land use. It is also made without animal cruelty. While it takes years for cows to mature so that their hides can be turned into leather, Mylo is grown in a matter of days and is infinitely renewable. The mushroom leather is also not petroleum based like many synthetic leathers, which allows more fossil fuels to be kept in the ground and less plastic to be deposited into landfills and oceans. 

 With good reason, consumers are demanding sustainable material alternatives that also look and feel great. Working closely with Stella and her team of innovative designers has enabled us to make Mylo a no compromise, animal free alternative to leather,  Bolt Threads CEO and Founder Dan Widmaier said in a statement.  The Frayme Mylo bag is a huge milestone for sustainable fashion, making better material options accessible to consumers all around the world. 

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Taylor Swift s boyfriend Joe Alwyn gives NI make up artist a £1,700 Gucci bag, she says its an incredible present

A Northern Ireland make up artist has expressed her delight after she was gifted a designer Gucci handbag worth £1,730 by Taylor Swift s English actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Maria Moore worked with the English actor on the set of Conversations With Friends which began filming in Belfast in April.
She shared the image of the red and blue leather Marmont shoulder bag, with gold signature Double G and gold trim, on her Instagram stories to her 1,762 followers earlier this week.

She captioned the post:  So this happened thank you so much to my amazing actor Joe Alwyn for the most incredible leaving present ever like ever ever.  This style of bag has been spotted worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, model Hailey Baldwin and Rihanna in recent months.

Maria normally specialises in TV and film hair and make up, as well as theatre, and has previously worked on the likes of Bloodlands and Game of Thrones as well as West End productions of Cats and Mamma Mia.
Her recent job working on the Belfast based TV drama, however, seems to be her most star studded to date.

In another Instagram story post, Maria admitted that she met Swift as well during her whirlwind trip to Belfast earlier this month and shared a selfie they took together.

She said:  And for those asking yes I did meet Taylor Swift what an incredible, smart and inspirational lady, she is soooo lovely .

The Grammy award winning pop superstar was spotted taking selfies with locals and staff at a number of eateries and bars across the city, including Shu and The Tipsy Bird, when she attended the wrap party for Conversations With Friends earlier this month to support her actor boyfriend.

Only hours after she took a photograph with one particularly starstruck  Swiftie  during her trip, the phone case she touched went up on sale on e Bay for a whopping £200 plus postage.

The advert said that the case had been  touched by Taylor Swift , and included a photograph of the global pop icon with a fan. However, the planned sale provoked outrage among diehard fans of the singer and the post was later removed from the auction website.

Swift s boyfriend Alwyn plays the character Nick Conway in the new TV drama Conversations With Friends, the follow up to last year s hugely successful Normal People, which was filmed in Dublin where the novel by Sally Rooney is set.
It follows two best friends, and former lovers, and their relationship with an older married couple. It will be in the same format as last year s hit BBC show.

It centres on the lives of 21 year old Trinity student Frances, played by Alison Oliver, her friend Bobbi (American Honey star Sasha Lane) and couple, Nick  played by Alwyn  and Melissa (Girls actress Jemima Kirke). The series will air on BBC Three and the Hulu streaming service.

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Parineeti Chopra's airport style is all about luxe love with a Prada bag and Gucci slippers; Yay or Nay?

Many outfits drop by and a few stay in the most flamboyant way. Dresses can easily gain a favourite title. A conveyor of comfort and chic formula, let's just say it hits different every time you wear one. Name a place you would wish to visit with a dress? Everywhere, Isn't it? Don't let this love rust away, here's another you'd give your vote for. 

Parineeti Chopra is lately on a jet-setting spree to the Maldives. The favoured destination amongst the starlets and almost every other neighbour of yours, this water location is indeed a night to remember. While the crystal clear blue water can charm you in seconds, you can treat yourself a little extra by playing dress-up. The Jabariya Jodi actress has been scoring big in the airport-style department. Seen here yet again doing it right in a tie-dye shirt dress, the ultra-natty starlet went all cool with her jet-set outfit. The mini denim number featured an out-of-the-ordinary white pocket that came with typography printed in black and had a few strings attached to it which further cascaded to reach the hemline of the dress. 
The outfit also entailed a wrap-style feature at the front which was made with the same fabric. Parineeti rolled the sleeves up and accessorised it with an expensive and plush white Prada handbag that costs Rs. 2,40,000 and uber-stylish Gucci slippers worth Rs. 58,000. Her outfit was tied up with a white smartwatch, matching mask, and circular-shaped sunglasses. 
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Telfar launched a 24 hour TV channel for its new bag

uring New York Fashion Week 2021, the Black owned and already emblematic brand Telfar held a press conference breaking the norm as always to announce the launch of TELFAR TV: a channel for the brand s community dedicated to showcasing the work of artists, from music to shows. But it s now been revealed that it is also the new destination for the label s highly coveted launches called drips . Designer Telfar Clemens explained that the channel will be the only way for potential customers to get their hands on the brand s new bag, a cylindrical duffel bound to become as iconic as its predecessors.

While TELFAR TV is a 24 hour, linear television channel, occasionally, it also broadcasts QR codes that stay up for just a minute, and when scanned allow viewers access to new products before anyone else. This is an attempt to cut down on bots, also known as software programming that scoops up the bags faster than our human hands can refresh a page and reach for a credit card.

But according to its FAQ page, Telfar has more ambitious plans for its TV channel,  If we can create an ecology between our business and the freedom of this channel, we will be able to develop programming on the scale of any other channel without the corporate oversight/overseers and because we sell bags and clothes and not human beings we can allow artists to retain ownership of their work. Because our DRIP structure incentivizes a small but tight audience we can give people real creative freedom. It s not for you it s for everyone. It s not for everyone, it s for everyone. The world isn t everything. Peace <3 

Whether Telfar s latest project succeeds or not, the brand s impact on the fashion industry is already one that cannot be ignored. With his genderless and affordable vegan leather bags, Clemens has managed to change the meaning of luxury. The infamous mononymous bag was first showcased in 2014, however, sales only skyrocketed in 2020 due to the rise in activism and the Black community vowing to support their own businesses. Since then, the Telfar shopping bag has often been labelled the new Birkin  of the millennium or the  decade s most important accessory. 

In turn, the label s originality has inspired (or should I say forced) a wave of creativity throughout the fashion scene. Although Clemens  mission to smash the old fashion system to bits has only just begun, it has already kicked off a feeling of open mindedness and novelty in its wake, leaving many to hope for a more inclusive and sustainable future for the fashion industry.
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Puerto Rican motherdaughter duo aim to empower women with their handbag line

Companys motto is Fashion with Purpose
Paulina  Amina Anchia was only six years old when she got her first sewing machine from her grandmother in Puerto Rico. Little did she know at the time, it would be her ticket to making a difference for other young women.

Encouraged by her mother Beatriz Martinez, Anchia created bags and clothes to sell to family and friends. Finally, the motherdaughter duo decided to follow Anchias dream of becoming a fashion designer and launched the brand Beamina.
Beamina is a mashup of Anchias nickname and Martinezs first name Amina means warrior, and the first two letters of Beatriz represents the verb to be. Thats the true message behind Beaminas products; Fashion with Purpose and empowering women everywhere to have the courage to pursue their dreams.

That inspiration is shown in their bags. The original Fearless Bag collection aimed to show theres no limits to your dreams and potential.
In 2021, the Bombón handbag debuted, an evolution of the original. The Beamina website says  Designed with love in Puerto Rico, every stitch is meticulously sewn within a worldclass Spanish factory by experienced local artisans, who bring a refined tradition to their craft in one of the worlds leading manufacturers that supplies for international luxury brands.
Now, theyve just launched the Zer handbag. The bag looks like angel wings, and the brand said it was designed and inspired by pure love, being your best self and taking on the world with confidence.

 Zer, is the epitome of fashion meets art. We wanted to create a sleek and stylish handbag that could also give wings to a whole generation to thrive, said Martinez.  The bags design speaks louder than words, Zer, which means  to be in Spanish, is a manifesto for spiritual guidance. Its structure embodies the power of your inner  Zer, and provides reassurance you are loved and protected by your guardian angel, who is with you at every moment of your life.
With every handbag purchase, Beamina donates a portion of proceeds to the Glasswing International Foundation. Its a nonprofit organization with the mission of empowering, aiding and educating children and young people in Latin America. They do this through education, health, community empowerment and employment and entrepreneurship programs. Beamina has partnered with Glasswings Youth L.E.A.D. program to help vulnerable girls in Latin America thrive.

But thats not all Beamina does to give back.

 Paulina wanted to help girls like her, so we created our social impact program Fashion with Purpose, said Martinez.  And for two consecutive years, partnered with the Ricky Martin Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the wellbeing of children and provides education and solutions for international efforts to abolish child trafficking. We believe that the ultimate luxury is giving back.
Fashion with Purpose is based on four pillars: youth, education, community and wellness. The partnership with Glasswing is part of this program, but theyve also provided PPE to care centers and hospitals in Colombia and Puerto Rico during the pandemic, worked to provide Christmas for less fortunate children in the Dominican Republic and worked to provide resources for those affected by Hurricane Irma with A Smile for the Soul Foundation.

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Luxury handbags fee changes for eBay.com

eBay are increasing fees for sellers listing luxury handbags in order to fund the continued investment they are putting into the category. Whilst a fee increase is never welcome, for certain price points the cost of selling will go down whilst for other price points sellers will face higher final value fees.

 To help us sustain our investment in growing the category and attracting even more buyers, we re increasing final value fees in the Women s Bags & Handbags category (169291). In addition, we re simplifying our fee structure so you can quickly and easily calculate your profits.

eBay investments in luxury handbags
eBay point out that the Authenticity Guarantee, eBay s postsale authentication service, is now available for all eligible luxury handbag listings of $500 or more in the US. Authenticity Guarantee helps drive more buyer traffic and higher conversion for sellers of luxury handbags by delivering a trusted shopping experience buyers expect. When buyers see a luxury handbag listing marked with a blue Authenticity Guarantee check mark, they can be assured their handbag purchase will be meticulously inspected and verified by a professionally trained authenticator before they receive their order.
Benefits of Authenticity Guarantee
Protects you from fraudulent returns, such as the wrong inventory, counterfeit products, and damages. eBay s authenticators physically inspect each return so you re assured that you ll receive back exactly what you sent
Protects you from chargebacks due to counterfeit claims by the buyer
Available at no cost to you or your buyer
Buyer Awareness
In addition to Authenticity Guarantee, eBay are reinvesting in the luxury handbags category to build buyer awareness that eBay is the goto marketplace for luxury handbags. eBay say that their team are continuously creating better onsite experiences that make it easier to buy and sell luxury handbags. They are also investing into further awarenessbuilding campaigns to drive even more traffic to luxury handbags than ever before.

eBay.com luxury handbags fee changes
As well as detailing the luxury handbags fee changes, eBay have give some examples of what fees sellers can expect at differing price points:
Example final value fee percentages for a $1,500 transaction
For this transaction (including tax and shipping), a nonStore and Starter Store seller will pay $225.30 in final value fees, which is an increase of $36.75. In this example, the final value fee as a percentage of the total transaction amount is 15%.

Example final value fee percentages for a $3,000 transaction
For this transaction (including tax and shipping), a nonStore and Starter Store seller will pay $270.30 in final value fees, which is a savings of $106.50. In this example, the final value fee as a percentage of the total transaction amount is 9%.
Example final value fee percentages for a $1,500 handbag transaction
For this transaction (including tax and shipping), a Basic and above Store seller will pay $195.30 in final value fees, which is an increase of $22.50. In this example, the final value fee as a percentage of the total transaction amount is 13%.

Example final value fee percentages for a $3,000 handbag transaction
For this transaction (including tax and shipping), a Basic and above Store seller will pay $210.30 in final value fees, which is a savings of $89.25. In this example, the final value fee as a percentage of the total transaction amount is 7%.

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Gucci launches Vault vintage site during Milan Fashion Week

MILAN ? Fashion houses trying to figure out how to reach new eyeballs after the long ordeal of the pandemic have centered around a singular idea: collaborations.

Many are doing it, in big ways and small. Gucci, which famously  hacked  Balenciaga last season, is now launching an e commerce site showcasing refurbished vintage Gucci products and capsule collections by young designers. Hatmaker Borsalino is collaborating with the French brand Ami Paris and the equestrian inspired brand Acheval.

If the fashion industry is going to change, now is the moment, say insiders   even if the temptation to go back to old habits is great.

Highlights from the fourth day of Milan runway shows Saturday for next spring and summer:


Gucci on Saturday launched an e commerce site featuring refurbished vintage Gucci pieces alongside capsule collections by young designers chosen by Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.
Michele said the project was born out of his life long obsession with collecting fashion, including Gucci items before he ever joined the brand.

 Yes, I do this work to tell stories. But I also do it because I truly love objects,   he told reporters in Milan.

The young designers featured included London based Priya Ahluwalia. Of Nigerian and Indian descent, Ahluwalia s upcycled collections have already found a broad audience ranging from sports figures like Lewis Hamilton to middle aged hipsters.

 Completely out of the blue, I got a message from Gucci. I thought it was an advertisement or spam,   Ahluwalia said.  When I realized it was real, I was extremely happy. 

Michele said the brand has a vast network of sources for vintage Gucci, which it has been tapping to rebuild its archive. The launch includes a white Jackie bag meticulously cared for by its previous owner that he wanted to keep for himself.
Then, laughing, he said,  Who knows, maybe I will log on tonight and buy it myself! 

Gucci has stepped away from the Milan Fashion Week calendar, finding its own rhythms. Its next show is Nov. 3 in Los Angeles, coinciding with the 10th LACMA Art   Film Gala, which Gucci is sponsoring.


Dolce&Gabbana wanted to shine a light back on glamour with their latest collection   and they did. Their bedazzling looks shone a spotlight that could easily be visible from orbit.

The silhouette was unapologetically sexy, built around corsets, micro mini dresses and skimpy lingerie, fundamental elements in the brand s creative language.

This season, designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana went all out with light refracting embellishments, covering garments in rhinestones, adding beading and indulging in metallic accents and fringe. Models walked down a mirrored runway under roving spotlights.
Densely bejeweled jackets contrasted with narrow camouflage cargo pants or distressed jeans. A series jackets had sculptured sleeves straight off the couture runway. Trousers were low waisted, leaving room for studded lingerie to peek through.

The designers said the collection was a  reinterpretation of the aesthetic of the 2000s.  They paid tribute to Jennifer Lopez with a pair of J Lo T shirts.

Quieter moments were reserved for statement little black dresses with lace accents and open fronts revealing nearly sheer corsets, and even littler black body suits.

Shoes were stiletto sandals with laces, knee high boots and mid calf booties, which contributed a bit of a backup on the fast tempo finale as models slowed down to descend the stairs. The boots came in satin, denim, camouflage and crocodile.

Each Dolce box handbag had a unique design.

Though in Milan for the show, the designers appeared virtually on a screen for their traditional post show bow.

With the world ground to a near halt, Arthur Arbesser s team primed their creative juices by recycling shipping boxes into cardboard flowers and crocheting fanciful hats.

The collection s title  Lost and Found,  refers concretely to inspirations found in a family attic that spark happy memories, but it can also mean things lost and found in the pandemic, like the joy of making things in quiet moments.

 I realized that it is so important to do something with your hands because you get a sort of satisfaction, and we need satisfaction,   Arbesser said.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Milan based Austrian designer has happily given up the runway for more personal presentations, transforming a storefront in Milan s tony luxury shopping district into a creative studio decorated with a bespoke mural and displaying a new line of table clothes along with his latest collection.
Details from the mural became a decoration on a dress pocket. The long romantic silhouettes contrasted with crop tops. A mini dress in black and white check was paired with a boxy print shirt, while a short skirt in tapestry had a youthful appeal. Prints of the season include naive drawings, colored checkerboard prints with a pixel effect, alongside gingham, retro plaids and stripes.

 The most important thing to keep going,   Arbesser said.  We re happy because we think that our own well being and that of your team and the people around you is so important."


There s nothing like a pandemic shutdown to rethink a business.

The 164 year old Italian hatmaker Borsalino used the time to focus on new collaborations, extending the brand into leather goods and scarves through licensing deals, relaunching its digital presence, optimizing production and getting the kinks out of machinery that otherwise could be idled.
 It was a great break. We took decisions that weren t easy to do before,   said Philippe Camperio, Haeres Equita s principal behind Borsalino s relaunch.

To reach new audiences and expand distribution, Borsalino has collaborated with Paris brand Ami on a simple cloche with a wavy brim, and with Acheval on a raffia capsule collection featuring ribbons with horse silhouettes. The website now includes tutorials on how to size and wear hats. And Borsalino is working with young designers at the Marangoni Fashion Institute to make hats part of their styling language.

The Spring/Summer 2022 collection launched this week is a journey through Japan, Italy and South American. Dark denim baseball caps and bucket hats are personalized with charms or Geisha prints for a Tokyo hip look. A hand crocheted raffia hat represents Sicilian craftsmanship. And Ecuadorean influences come through on Panama hats with distinctive ribbons.
Every brand has a different response to how the pandemic has changed or challenged them.

 For us it is to embrace today s values, to be socially responsible, which includes sustainability and the circular economy, and diversity in terms of attracting everyone,   said creative director Giacomo Santucci.


The Ferragamo woman for next summer is understated in an easy to wear silhouette with sexy moments.

Smock dresses have a deep revealing V and open backs, while more form fitting wrap dresses featured suggestive slits. Trousers were loose fitting harem pants with wrapped details, paired, for example, with a crisscross top.

"I wanted the collection to feel feminine and sensual   said design director Guillaume Meilland.

Menswear included knit combinations, low waisted trousers with braided belts, and leg baring shorts under a coat jacket.

For women, footwear revived the Vara and Varina ballerinas in new materials including rattan, and an open toed sandal for him.
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The bag lover s guide to the Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti collaboration

It isn t often that Louis Vuitton collaborates with another brand to reinterpret their beloved bags, unless it s for someone as big as Supreme, Yayoi Kusama, or in this case, Fornasetti.

The fact that the French luxury brand has collaborated with Fornasetti for Fall/Winter 2021 is worth considering. To most, Fornasetti is the Italian brand that makes those covetable china plates adorned with a woman s moon like face. But Piero Fornasetti, the brand s founder, had a lot more to offer during his artistic career: he painted wondrous patterns on silk scarves, created surreal theatre sets for Albert Camus  Caligula, and collaborated with the Italian architect Gio Ponti on some of the most intriguing furniture pieces of the twentieth century.

In fact, the Fornasetti archive in Milan showcases over 13,000 creations, which Louis Vuitton designer Nicolas Ghesquière scoured for antique statues, cameo portraits and architectural works to inspire his latest womenswear collection.

 As a designer who has always loved fashion s ability to evoke the past, present and future simultaneously, I wanted to add new layers to this creative palimpsest,  said Ghesquière.  Exploring the Fornasetti archives had the excitement of an archaeological dig, searching for and finding drawings from the past to give them a new life for Louis Vuitton ? for now and the future. 

The resulting Louis Vuitton x Fornasetti collection includes everything from clothing to accessories, but it s the bags that truly possess the timeless quality of a Fornasetti and Ponti cabinet, as well as the charm of those aforementioned plates. Below, we highlight the best designs to add to your collection.
The Cannes bag
On this bag, dubbed the  Cannes Vase Architettura , Fornasetti s love of architecture and the trompe l oeil effect is on full display. The latter refers to the optical illusion that transforms something flat (in this case, the bag s patent calf leather surface) into something 3D. Fornasetti s detailed drawing ingeniously makes Louis Vuitton s cylindrical bag   which is already pretty unique, as far as designer bags go   resemble the Renaissance era Baptistery in Florence. Remove its gold chain and you ll have an artwork worthy of your display shelf.
The Capucines MM
The Capucines, first launched in 2013, has quickly become one of the most recognisable (and investment worthy) bags by Louis Vuitton. For this collaboration, it has been elevated with the use of gold metallic leather, as well as Piero Fornasetti s drawings of the classical Roman sculptures that fascinated him. This is a bag that will turn heads, surely, but with its superior materials and craftsmanship, it may well sit at a museum, too.
The Alma BB
The Alma, made in 1934, was only the second handbag to be made by Louis Vuitton. Its silhouette has surely endured the test of time, as have two other design signatures spotted on this new version, the Alma BB Architettura:  Fornasetti s architectural engraving and the ubiquitous LV monogram.
Petite Malle
Louis Vuitton s legacy of trunk making shines through the new Petite Malle, which has been reworked with gold metallic leather and Fornasetti s statues. With its monogram canvas trim and boxy silhouette, achieved by traditional techniques, the shoulder bag is an exquisite example of past meets present.
Keepall Bandoulière 45
The iconic Keepall duffel bag has been remixed by an array of artists including Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons, but this version offers perhaps the most refined take on the Louis Vuitton monogram yet. It s been given bright pops of colour thanks to Fornasetti s prints of ancient coins, establishing a whole new meaning to the term  status symbol .

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2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

2021 spring and summer new market super total point global price comparison

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